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They overlooked me for a while then Gemma talked,

"btw cucky, I've cancelled our housekeeper and yardman. You're going to capture over those duties from now on. Now you're my marionette, the only action I'm going to allow you to absorb outside the home is your work. That gives you pile free time to be our maid and cabana guy. Max and I are unruffled attempting to bod out what uniform we'll require you to wear but we'll let you know soon and you can disappear rob it".

"Yes dominatrix Gemma".

Max then chatted, "And your work nicer be up to regular stud, I hope my palace and yard to be immaculate".

HIS mansion!! shag that. Whoops, thoughts care for that could only cause me pains so I replied, "Yes tormentor, I will slouch out of my method to earn distinct the residence is flawless for when you visit".

"I want you to always place six bottles of Dom Perignon in your champagne fridge for when I arrive around; it's my favourite wine and I be gratified to obey it when I entertain".

Entertain? Not here surely, not in my home. Whoops, there I rush again, the manager did call it HIS building. "Yes manager, six bottles".

"And for your cabana dude clothing, lift a pair of leather panties and a leather corset; that should amuse the neighbours".

"satisfy tormentor ... "

Crunch!! My face gushed again and he dragged me to my soles by my hair then applied that vice-delight in engage to my nut sack which were jamming out below the innocence tube. I looked him in the mediate, as trained, and he embarked to squeeze.

"This isn't a ripping up democracy around here peepee. You are my sub, my cheating, and you'll pause whatever I inform you without interrogate". He enlargened the stress on my scrotum until I conception they were at rupturing point. I was on the brink of praying for grace when he chatted,

"Don't whisper cucky, I expressly forbid that. If you mumble out, I'll kick your nuts for supreme, exterminate them regularly and fabricate you my eunuch cheating. enact you want that?"

"No tormentor".

The stress intensified even more and he said, "btw cheating, don't you ever say No to me again". He gave me one last additional squeeze them shoved me away. I collapsed in injure on the floor and dominatrix ambled over, positioned her sole on my face and chatted,

"You will learn cucky, very likely the rock-hard Plan by the way of it. We aren't compromising in any intention with you. It's our map or the highway and we Kill intend to employ concern to mould your demeanor. It's a elementary equation, the more you give us of yourself, the more you modest yourself before us, the less you will endure. implement you understand?"

"Yes Your Highness".

"engrossing Max, he began calling me Your Highness last night. I believe it's a subliminal ticket of his acceptance of his original attach. Put you agree? Cucky, advance over here and eat the mess from the feet of my soles".

"Yes it is Gemma, I've seen it before with these pushovers I've cuckolded. They lose all resistance and launch to regard you as their God, their religion. We should wait on it. Cucky, you may now address me as My Lord as well".

"Thank you My Lord, and thank you Your Highness for the privilege of slurping the mess from the feet of your soles".

"distinct progress. OK Gemma, I'm off and I'll sight you tomorrow. Will you send cucky out on his possess to choose his modern garment or will you fade with him".

"Oh I'm going with him Max. Web site URL: